July 21, 2024

Steelers Miss Bears CB Jaylon Johnson

The young cornerback for the Bears was not ultimately acquired by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsboro, PA Chicago Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson is not the newest member of the black and gold defence, despite rumours and reports to the contrary. The Bears are holding onto their starting cornerback.


In the 2020 NFL Draught, Johnson, 24, was selected by the Bears in the second round. He has started 45 games in the previous four years, recording 35 pass deflections and three interceptions, including two this season. He’s only been permitted a 50% completion percentage this season.

The team has terminated negotiations and plans to keep Johnson on the roster, according to Jordan Schultz of Bleacher Report.

In place of an injured Wallace, the Steelers officially added rookie Joey Porter Jr. to the starting lineup. The seasoned cornerback joined the Steelers in the offseason and started 14 of his 21 games as a starter. Despite recording six interceptions in black and gold this season, he gave up a 58.7% completion percentage.


As the trade deadline approaches, there have been multiple rumours that Pittsburgh is the front-runner to sign the young cornerback from the Bears. However, the deadline has gone by, and the Steelers have stayed where they are.


So, the question is, who starts at cornerback with Porter Jr.? Could Wallace step on Patrick Peterson now that he may be recovering from his foot injury? Or does Peterson move inside for the Steelers? Alternatively, do Peterson and Porter Jr. stay at the outside?

In Week 9 against the Titans, the team may find out sooner rather than later if Wallace plays.

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