May 22, 2024

 Ohio State Buckeyes: Social Media Sounds Off on Placement in.

The Ohio State Buckeyes were ranked first in the first CFP rankings of the season on Tuesday night, but opinions among fans and the media are divided.

On Tuesday, the first College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings were revealed, and the Ohio State Buckeyes, ranked #1, were placed first.

After the Buckeyes were ranked #1 in the country, fans and media quickly expressed their opinions on social media.

Ohio State came into the game ranked No. 3 in the Associated Press poll, so their fans were taken aback by their position. According to one account, the Buckeyes’ two wins over nationally ranked teams were the reason for their current standing.

I understand why Ohio State is the best,” a user wrote. “We all know they’re not the number 1 team but their resume has ‘impressive’ wins.'”

This season, the No. 9 Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the No. 7 Penn State Nittany Lions have both been defeated by the Buckeyes. Still, not every response regarding Ohio State was favourable.

One such account attacked the Buckeyes, stating that when Ohio State plays the No. 2 Michigan Wolverines on November 25, the real best team will be exposed.

“Ohio State is a joke ranked #1. The report stated that Jim’s 11-year-old son Jack Harbaugh could manage an offence more skillfully than Ryan Day. “(Associated Press) has always been biassed. Revolting. Harbaugh is going to win. Blue, go! ”

Up until Tuesday night, the Wolverines were ranked higher than the Buckeyes, coming in at No. 2 in the nation, one spot ahead of their longstanding rivals.

In an attempt to put Michigan and Ohio State fans on the defensive, another account adopted a novel tactic by switching around their schedules.

“Michigan fans would be so mad if Ohio State’s best win was UNLV, and ranked ahead of Michigan who beat Notre Dame and Penn State,” said the individual.



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