May 28, 2024

Evaluating Kyle McCord’s first eight games as Ohio State’s starting quarterback: Buckeye Talk Podcast.

QB won: Ohio State commits to Kyle McCord
After eight games as Ohio State’s starting quarterback this year, supporters’ opinions of Kyle McCord’s play may differ.

While averaging 9.4 yards per attempt and 2,163 yards and 14 touchdowns, he has had his fair share of standout moments. These stats are combined with an 8-0 record that includes two victories over opponents ranked in the top 15 and the leadership of a team that started the season ranked first in the College Football Playoff rankings.

However, he has also had some less than stellar performances, which have frequently resulted in points being missed and a 64.1 completion percentage that is unusual for OSU quarterbacks.

What do fans think of their new quarterback after eight games?

On this Thursday Buckeye Talk, Stephen Means, Nathan Baird, and Andrew Gillis take a backseat as the Texters’ thoughts on McCord take centre stage.

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