A fan who was hit by a baseball during the 2021 World Series and sustained facial injuries is suing the Atlanta Braves and MLB player Jorge Soler, according to PEOPLE.On October 29, 2021, Mayra Morris was present at Trusit Park for Game 3 of the World Series when Soler is said to have thrown a baseball into the stands during a game beak, striking Norris in the face.
The woman and her husband claimed in the complaint filed in Cobb County Superior Court on October 25 that the incident caused “serious and excruciating injuries” and severely damaged the woman’s eye socket. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Norris sustained fractures to her eye socket and charges Soler and the Braves of acting in a “dangerous and reckless” manner.

According to Norris’ lawyer Susan Shaw, “this was not a situation where a player is throwing a souvenir ball to a fan or visitor to the game,” as reported by the Washington Post.”This is a situation where he threw overhand with extreme force and speed.” In addition, Shaw claimed that her client “had no time” to “react” to the ball as it approached her. “If they’re going to throw a ball into the stands, that’s fine,” she continued, “but they need to do so with some reasonable standard of care.”

The lawsuit claims that Braves security took pictures inside a team medical office after Norris was hit with the ball. The next day, Norris’s doctors at a nearby hospital discovered she had multiple face fractures, and three weeks after the incident, she had surgery. According to Norris, her medical care has cost her about $60,000 over the past two years.

After the Braves’ 2021 World Series victory over the Houston Astros, Soler was awarded World Series MVP. Soler joined the Miami Marlins following the 2021 season, and he has spent the last two seasons with the team. Soler just finished a successful 203-game season with an OPS of.853, 36 home runs, and 75 RBIs.

The Miami Herald reported this past summer that then-Marlins general manager Kim Ng stated, “I would say the Soler that we saw last year was probably the guy that we envisioned, but then he got hurt.” “This year’s Soler is unquestionably different, and a big credit to the hitting staff for their invaluable assistance in that regard. He has been outstanding.”