May 30, 2024

Will Ohio State football’s resume-building wins hold up through Selection Sunday? Playoff prediction

Will Ohio State football's resume-building wins hold up through Selection Sunday? Playoff prediction -

Playoff prediction: Ohio State football’s resume-building wins hold up through…

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Thanks to two huge victories that no other opponent could match, Ohio State opened the College Football Playoff rankings at No. 1.

The Buckeyes’ victory over Rutgers won’t likely be the reason they finish second behind Georgia on Tuesday night in the rankings. It will be as a result of one of their greatest victories already losing some of its shine.

No unbeaten Power 5 team had a road victory as impressive as OSU’s 17-14 triumph at Notre Dame on September 23 as of last Tuesday. The Fighting Irish were also rated in the top 10 at the time. Despite suffering a second defeat to Louisville a few weeks later, Notre Dame was still considered deserving of the No. 15 ranking in the previous week’s rankings.

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Then, last Saturday, there was a 31-23 defeat at Clemson. The Tigers were 4-4 and had just suffered two straight defeats. In the AP Top 25, the loss dropped Notre Dame from 12 to 22.

By Tuesday night, it’s possible that Notre Dame’s victory won’t be considered a top 25 victory according to the selection committee’s rankings.

Georgia, meanwhile, defeated Missouri, which was ranked No. 12 last week, 30-21 at home. Even though it was the Bulldogs’ first victory over a team with a winning SEC record, it started to level the resume comparison between them and OSU.

The Buckeyes still lead No. 11 Penn State by a score of 20–12. Over the course of the upcoming week, that value might also alter. Michigan, ranked No. 3 last week, will visit the Nittany Lions. A second loss might do even more damage to their reputation if they are unable to generate more offence and stay competitive against the two-time defending Big Ten champions.

Obviously, Ohio State is powerless to change that at this time. The only thing that needs to improve over the next two weeks is getting to Ann Arbour on November 25.

If you win that game and then go on to win the Big Ten championship, the debate over who should be ranked first might be settled.

Identifying the top six for tonight:

Oregon, sixth (8-1). Week prior: 6.

The victory of No. 8 Alabama over No. 14 LSU was significant for their resume. However, No. 7 Texas, who defeated the Crimson Tide in head-to-head play, blocks (or at least ought to block) the Crimson Tide. So for now, the Ducks, who destroyed poor Cal, get to keep their perch.

5. The 9-0 Florida State team. Week prior: 4.

• Washington’s last two victories are obviously superior, even though there may not be anything the Seminoles did incorrectly.

4. Detroit (9-0). Week prior: 3.

• With little resistance, wolverines roll on both sides of the ball. They can make a case for No. 1 if they triumph at Penn State this week. If they lose, they may not make the top eight.

The Washington team (9-0). Week prior: 5.

• Is now able to combine that earlier victory over Oregon with a road victory over No. 20 USC. We’ll see how harshly the committee criticises the Huskies’ defence.

2. Duke (9-0). Week prior: 2.

• It’s close, and the two-time defending national champions will probably take the top spot back if they defeat No. 10 Ole Miss on Saturday.

1. The 9-0 Ohio State. Week prior: 1.

• I don’t feel as confident as I did last week on this call. Would have been beneficial if Rutgers’ victory had been more decisive. The committee is aware of this team’s shortcomings, though. I believe the Buckeyes remain here for another week if Penn State climbs to the top 10 and Notre Dame remains in the top 25.

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