May 29, 2024

The ESPN matchup predictor provides updates on Ohio State’s chances of winning the final three games.

The outcomes on the field determine college football odds and metrics, and Ohio State football and the ESPN FPI Matchup Predictor are no exception. We like to monitor this every week.


The Buckeyes had a better chance of winning against every opponent on the schedule when the ESPN sauce was first made with a little bit of Scarlet and Grey at the start of the season. You are undoubtedly aware of the team that eventually overtook OSU as the season progressed; they were just getting closer.


Now, a few weeks before facing Michigan, have things changed in any way? After Ohio State’s victory at Rutgers last week, what does ESPN think of their upcoming games against Michigan State, Minnesota, and the big one at the Big House?


The following represents ESPN’s FPI Matchup Predictor’s estimation of the Buckeyes’ percentage chances of winning the final three games on their schedule before Week 11.


We will begin by reviewing the schedule and current standings, then examine the predictions made by the Matchup Predictor for each game, and conclude by examining trends from the previous week.

Date, Score of Opponent

The results are as follows: 09/02 at Indiana, 23-3 at Youngstown State, 35-7 at Western Kentucky, 63-10 at Notre Dame, 17-14 at Maryland, 37-17 at Purdue, 41-7 at Penn State, 20-12 at Wisconsin, 24-10 at Rutgers, 35-16

Ohio Stadium located in Columbus, Ohio
Ohio State Buckeyes are the predicted winners; their win probability is 97.9% (same as last week).
OSU leads the all-time series 36-15.


Predicted record on the run: 10-0

Ohio Stadium located in Columbus, Ohio
Predicted Winner: 96.7% (up from 96.5% last week) Ohio State Buckeyes Win Probability
OSU leads the all-time series 46-7.

11-0 is the anticipated running record for Nov. 25 at Michigan.


Stadium Michigan (Ann Arbour, Michigan)
Win Probability for the Michigan Buckeyes is 45.3%, which is lower than last week’s 46.3% prediction.
All-Time Series: 51-60-6 is behind OSU.

11-1 is the predicted running record.


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