May 28, 2024

Do the Buckeyes have a chance with Seaton? Ohio State safety target Perich and more…

Do the Buckeyes have a chance with Jordan Seaton? Ohio State safety target Koi Perich and more…

As usual we were talking about Ohio State football recruiting on Wednesday morning and there were many questions. On Wednesday afternoon we had Part 1 of the transcripts and this morning we have Part 2.

Seargeant_buckeye: Good evening Mr. Kurelic! As always thank you for taking the time to listen to us, the fans. I have one simple question for you based on a small observation: does the Ohio state staff recruit more for schematic fit or do they just try to get the best players available and adapt their schemes to them? I see it seems they have a type with running backs, receivers, offensive lineman, etc. but the d lineman seem to be where there’s some Intrigue for me with the longer twitchier edge guys versus the bigger hold the edge ends. Thank you sir!

BK: Hello my friend! The Ohio State staff does both. They are looking for the best possible football players they can bring into the program, but they also take into account fit. And when I say fit I mean not only fit as far as schemes, but fit as far as everything else. For instance if someone is not going to be a good fit for say the running back room or the cornerback room, they won’t bring him in even if he is an outstanding talent. They really want to bring in players that are going to fit in all ways.

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