May 22, 2024

The Commanders are under pressure to figure out how to pass rush.WFT News: Washington Commanders News Links - Hogs Haven

The pass rush failed to produce in the Washington Commanders’ first game without Chase Young and Montez Sweat. The squad had its lowest pressure rate (21.7 percent) in any game this season and just one sack (which was negated by a penalty). To be fair, though, the pass rush wasn’t given many opportunities by the New England Patriots. They employed a lot of quick-passing concepts, and Mac Jones, the quarterback, was always able to release the ball quickly.

Neither the coaches nor the pass rushers in the building appeared worried about a reduced pass rush this week.

“You’re not going to get home a lot when a team throws as much quick game as [the Patriots] throw,” defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio remarked, adding, “Our defence played well.”

However, following the seismic trades, there are now unanswered questions: Who will be the Commanders’ future edge rushers? Is an edge rusher the team’s most pressing need if Sam Howell is the starting quarterback at the end of this season? If yes, how will the edge market be structured? And what kind of goals should be set for whoever the team signs or draughts?

Let’s take a brief closer look. The edge plan appears to be set, at least for the remainder of this year. James Smith-Williams and Casey Toohill are the backups who became starters, while Andre Jones Jr. and KJ Henry are the rookies who became backups. Veteran Efe Obada is also likely to play a significant role. Because Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith holds the ball, the line should have a better opportunity to apply pressure on Sunday in Seattle. Although the statistic also takes into account Smith’s ability to extend plays and throw on the run, his average throw time this season of 2.95 seconds is tied for sixth slowest in the NFL.

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