May 22, 2024

Ohio State quarterback Kyle McCord makes the trip home to Rutgers despite discomfort and lessons learned from mistakes.

Actually, he laughed at the very idea. McCord, who had just finished practise, had his left ankle taped up when he sat for interviews on Wednesday night. However, he stated that many players are currently injured and that more would need to happen than just an ankle “tweak,” to use his own phrase.

That may have been particularly true of his first visit home on Saturday, when he went to Rutgers, where his mother, Stacy, and father, Derek, were both quarterbacks.

Concerning his plant foot ankle, McCord remarked, “Obviously, it’s not ideal.” But I believe it’s just a matter of pushing through the suffering. The most important thing is figuring out how to play with it, and every week it gets better.


McCord stated that he initially hurt his ankle early in the Notre Dame game on September 23. He acknowledged that while scrambling for a 5-yard gain on third-and-3 halfway through the third quarter, he aggravated the same injury. He continued to walk noticeably with a limp after that. He was observed riding the stationary bike while Tristan Gebbia, the backup, warmed up behind the bench.


However, McCord didn’t miss a beat. He claimed that after the game, he anticipated his ankle would hurt more than it did. He reported that it “felt pretty good” by Wednesday night.


Some of the ball security problems that have been simmering under the surface surfaced against Wisconsin, both before and after that aggravation to the ankle.


During a first-and-nine at the Badgers 9 in the first quarter, McCord rolled out precisely on a play intended for a pass to tight end Cade Stover. But Stover got stuck in traffic, leaving McCord with just two receivers in the end zone who were well covered. Preston Zachman stopped McCord as he attempted to squeeze one in anyhow.


Being characteristically forthright, McCord described it as “a dumb play on my fault— and I think I have to grow from that.”

He fumbled earlier in the quarter when being sacked on third down. He was given an intentional grounding penalty twice in the second half for throwing towards no real receiver when pressure converged. Among them was one that appeared to be a backward pass and might have resulted in yet another fumble.


Those were also teaching moments, serving as a reminder that during the quarterback competition between McCord and Devin Brown, coach Ryan Day placed a high value on an individual’s ability to play within the offence.


As coach (Corey) Dennis frequently states, “I think the biggest thing with coach Day’s offence is you’re gonna get yours,” McCord remarked. “Big plays are going to happen if you just keep playing by the offense’s rules, keep going through your reads and just trust your eyes and what you see. It could be a drag play to Marvin that he runs in for a touchdown or a shot down the field. In either case, you will receive yours.


Thus, rather than pressuring for those plays to occur as the game goes on, I think the most crucial thing is to just let them happen.

McCord, whose ankle is now healing, will return to the pitch on Saturday in order to allay those worries.


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