May 25, 2024

Ryan Day of Ohio State on a fast start against Michigan State, the development of Kyle McCord, and Marvin Harrison Jr.’s Heisman campaign.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Coach Ryan Day of Ohio State football was not taken aback by his team’s offensive outburst in the first half of their 38-3 victory over Michigan State.

After the game, he expressed his belief that the offence was on the verge of a breakthrough. During the past week, as he watched the tape from last week’s victory at Rutgers again, he had that feeling.

Day remarked, “I kind of felt like we were knocking on someone’s door and something like this was right around the corner.” “So, expect this to keep us moving forward and give us the momentum we need to finish the season the way we should.”

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Of their 530 yards, Ohio State gained 360 of them in the first half. The starting offence on opening day didn’t play together since September 23 at Notre Dame, which occurred on Saturday.

Day remarked, “I just feel like we’re getting all of our pieces back.” “I believe you’re beginning to notice that our offensive play is beginning to shape our identity a bit. It takes a little while longer each year to determine that. You’re seeing us play with an increasing amount of confidence, I believe.

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Regarding Harrison’s first-ever rushing touchdown: “I thought the guys up front did a great job with the reverse.” You mention a few of those manufactured blocks. Josh Fryar was racing down the field while Gee Scott came around and established that edge. Marvin then took care of the rest.

Regarding Tommy Eichenberg, Lathan Ransom, and Jose Proctor’s current situation. Tommy’s tenure will be weekly. It isn’t enduring. But it’ll vary from week to week. It seems likely that we will see him again soon. Lathan’s longer duration. However, Proc is the same; we anticipate having him back here very soon.

“I believe that Julian Fleming is currently playing really well as well; the ball hasn’t quite gone his way a few times, but it will.”

Refeeding Marvin Harrison Jr. to increase his chances of winning the Heisman Trophy: “No, you can’t start to do that.” I’m aware that will come up in the discussion. However, the player with the most outstanding performance—not the one with the most stats—wins that award.

Regarding benching starters early: “We are aware of what lies ahead.” For the second half, Trey Henderson was not on the pitch. There was no play from Cade (Stover) in the second half. We only had a drive with Emeka (Egbuka) and Marve before we started bringing other guys in. It’s been quite the run forus, so it was beneficial to take those guys out of the game for a short while and reduce their numbers. since we are aware of our location here.

Regarding young players’ depth reps in the second half: “It’s competitive for them.” (The result) is unimportant. There is a chance here. They have earned the right to play on the pitch because they practise. They’re going to latch onto those repetitions now, and some guys did flash.

Regarding Kyle McCord: “He’s losing ground in the game. You are able to witness that. Not that everything is flawless all the time, either. It isn’t. But he plays at his best when his feet are planted firmly and he understands the game’s rhythm. Tonight, he threw some really nice balls.


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