May 20, 2024

Ryan Day of Ohio State says of Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud, He deserves all the success.

The people who helped Stroud lay the foundation for his staller start are numerous. But Ohio State coach Ryan Day might have been the most influential of all.

QB C.J. Stroud of the Houston Texans is headed for a legendary career. And on Sunday afternoon, in the Texans’ 39-37 comeback victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Stroud demonstrated his extraordinary potential.

With 470 yards passing on 30 of 42 attempts, he set a rookie record for most passing yards in a game. Also, he did not throw an interception in his five touchdown passes.

Stroud led the Texans on a 75-yard drive with 46 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, which culminated in a touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver Tank Dell, which sealed the victory.

A number of individuals have contributed to Stroud’s foundation-laying efforts. But Ohio State coach Ryan Day might have been the most influential of all.

“He deserves all the success that he’s receiving,” Day stated. “This person had a difficult experience during the drafting process. Many people asked him specific questions. He never showed any signs of reaction. He’s managed himself expertly.

Stroud studied under Day at Ohio State for his entire collegiate career. The 22-year-old quarterback, who finished his college career throwing for 8,123 yards and completing 69.3 percent of his passes for 85 touchdowns and a dozen interceptions, was one of the top prospects ahead of the 2022 NFL Draught thanks to his assistance.

He developed his skills at Ohio State, not just on the football pitch. However, Day also witnessed the early signs of Stroud’s leadership, which led to the Texans selecting him as one of their six captains for the upcoming campaign.

“He was elected captain by the Texans. There, he’s a captain,” Day remarked. “Out of the gate, that’s fantastic for a rookie. He entered and immediately made friends with that group. You’re beginning to witness him perform on the pitch now. He’s instilled hope in that organisation. Garrett Wilson did the same thing with the New York Jets the previous season.”

Stroud’s eight career games of play are evidence of the lessons he took away from Ohio State.

The Texans have a 4-4 record going into their Week 10 matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals, largely thanks to Stroud’s performance. Stroud has completed 62.0 percent of his passes for 2,270 yards and 14 touchdowns so far this season.

“Our guys understand what the expectation is,” Day stated. “Your goal in every game is to win. It was fantastic to watch him step into that role so fast and achieve the success he has. But he still has a long way of football ahead of him.”



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