July 21, 2024

Ohio State fans mocked Ryan Day for Georgia’s defeat, even though CJ Stroud gave a strong performance.

It’s difficult to see C.J. Stroud performing significantly better on Saturday. And it was still insufficient against the reigning champion Georgia Bulldogs.

In a memorable College Football Playoff semifinal, Ohio State fell to Georgia 42–41 in the fourth quarter, trailing 14 points at one point.

With three seconds left, the Buckeyes had a chance to win the game, but Noah Ruggles’ 50-yard field goal attempt went wide.

It’s enough to say that following the devastating loss, Ohio State’s game management during the last drive, caused chaos on Twitter:

In addition to his impressive throwing prowess, he also demonstrated his ability to extend plays with his legs, as evidenced by the 34 yards he ran after breaking the pocket on Saturday.

Despite his numerous noteworthy achievements during his college years, a significant portion of the discourse surrounding him has centred on his lack of accomplishments.

Not defeated Michigan. holds no Big Ten championships. lacks a College Football Playoff victory. a finalist for the Heisman Trophy twice, but never the victor. With his legs, not much of a runner or playmaker.

While Stroud didn’t completely dispel those stories on Saturday, he did give them an unduly pessimistic vibe. People took notice of him because he was fantastic in a performance deserving of a potential first-round selection in the NFL draught:

But in the pivotal fourth quarter, Stroud and the Buckeyes were held to just three points, which made the difference between an upset victory and a heartbreaking defeat. Day gave a master class in coaching for the last fifty-nine minutes, but he will have to take some of that responsibility.

That is how cruel sports can be. Sometimes, your legacy can be defined in a single minute. That harsh reality will weigh heavily on Day and Stroud for some time to come.

Day will have plenty of opportunity to alter Ohio State’s story in the future. In the NFL, Stroud will get the opportunity to do so. However, both were left to regret what might have been on Saturday night.

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