May 30, 2024

Dad of Christian Watson has harsh words for Packers supporters.

“Yet you feel as though you “deserve” to be better than this team?”

Christian Watson, a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, has had a difficult football month. The Packers’ “number one” receiver has only once this season exceeded 37 yards in a single game, and he has not been able to do it during the past four games. Additionally, he has only been able to score 14 touchdowns on 33 targets in 2023. Meanwhile, ESPN’s Rob Demovsky reports that Watson has intercepted passes five times this season.

Green Bay Packers: Christian Watson Expected to Play Thursday

Some have begun to wonder if Watson, for whom the team traded two first-round picks in April 2022, is just going through a sophomore slump or if the team can even use him as a receiver moving forward. Seems like his family is aware of that  noise, too.

On Twitter, Tazim Wajed, Watson’s father, spoke his mind to Packers fans.

The fact that the Green Bay Packers, who are the newest franchise in the NFL, were not even predicted to compete this season, and yet they have managed to be present in every game, is what truly fascinates me about this fan base and some of you writers. You guys are the worst, and I performed in Philadelphia among their deranged followers.

To be really honest, you guys treated Aaron Rodgers horribly both when he replaced Brett Favre and pretty much every other time he didn’t play flawlessly! By Davante Adams’ second season, you wanted him cut. AND you believe that you “deserve” more than this squad in any way? If you want to be fans, then you guys don’t deserve anything more than to cheer on the players who are out there giving it their best!



Recall that Wajed is the son of James Timothy Watson Jr., the same Tim Watson that the Packers selected in the 1993 round. Although Watson never appeared in an NFL game for Green Bay, he did participate in 13 games over his playing career with the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and Kansas City Chiefs.

It’s unjust that nobody believes the squad will “even compete” this season. Entering the 2023 season, this Packers roster had a combined win total of 7.5 wins from various sportsbooks. With eight games remaining in the season, Green Bay is 4.5 victories away from that mark, so it’s reasonable to conclude they’re not playing up to par.

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