July 23, 2024

Following their victory against the Fighting Irish, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day took a jab at Notre Dame legend Lou Holtz.

If you’re anything like me, you’re still getting over yesterday’s incredibly entertaining schedule of college football games.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re trying to stay hydrated by pounding some water to get ready for today’s seven hours of NFL football without commercials. So far this weekend has been fantastic for sports, and yesterday’s big game between Ohio State and Notre Dame was unquestionably the highlight of the day.


A game is instantly categorised as a “instant classic” whenever it comes down to the last play in the closing seconds. The Fighting Irish appeared to be going to win in their home stadium and maintain their perfect record, but the Buckeyes didn’t give up and eventually found themselves in a position where they could win the game on the goal line.

As the clock was running out, Ohio State head coach Ryan made the brave decision to run the football, which surprised Notre Dame. And I mean that both literally and figuratively, as the green team not only appeared to surprise the Fighting Irish, but they also actually left one offor the last play, taking their guards off the field.


The internet quickly deduced that Ohio State essentially ran the ball where the absent player was supposed to be in order to win the game, and Notre Dame only had 10 players on the pitch (against the recommended 11).


That proved to be the game’s last play, and there had been a lot of build-up to it throughout the week. So much so that, on The Pat McAfee Show, famed sportscaster and former head coach of Notre Dame Lou Holtz made a rare appearance to discuss the Fighting Irish.


To put it mildly, it was hilarious when one of the producers of the well-known sports show interviewed Lou Holtz while impersonating him. However, Holtz may have provided Ohio State and head coach Ryan Day with some “bulletin board material” during the interview on Friday when he made the following remarks about the Buckeyes:


You would be mistaken if you assumed that Head Coach Ryan Day and the Buckeyes would simply ignore those remarks.


Ryan Day, who chose to criticise Lou Holtz after Ohio State defeated Notre Dame in the final seconds, seemed to take offence at the suggestion that the Irish were not as resilient as Ohio State.


“I want to know Lou Holtz’s current location. I find it hard to believe what he stated about our group. This is a formidable team indeed. Ohio has always been our state, and we are proud to be from there.


And Ohio versus the rest of the world it shall remain. But let me tell you something—I adore those kids, and our team is strong.


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