May 29, 2024

Devin Brown of Ohio State is being updated on by Ryan Day, who challenges him to “survive warmups.”

Ohio’s COLUMBUS — After suffering an ankle injury against Penn State, Devin Brown was thought to be ready for Ohio State’s Saturday matchup against Michigan State; nevertheless, something happened during warm-ups.

Even though the Buckeyes defeated the Spartans 38-3 and had an opportunity to give their backup quarterback more playing time, it was prudent to bench Brown after he went down with a right ankle injury. Ryan Day, the head coach, reassured everyone that the re-aggravation is not too bad.


Devin Brown of Ohio State

How long will Ohio State be without backup quarterback Devin Brown? -


“He’s fine,” Day remarked. “There was a little setback during warm-ups. However, we’re hoping he makes it out to the field this week and makes it through warm-ups.

Brown has completed 12 of 22 throws for 197 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception in 72 snaps over five games this season. Even though Kyle McCord won the starting job, OSU managed to fit him into a red zone package that, against Purdue, seemed to function fairly well for a week. He has ran for 35 yards and one touchdown.

Freshman Lincoln Kienholz got his first snaps as a Buckeye against the Spartans due to his absence. He completed two throws for eighteen yards, both of which went to fellow rookie tight end Jelani Thurman.

Day said, “It didn’t look too big for him.” “I simply believed he belonged.” He is still attempting to make sense of it all. After one of the plays, he received a stern lecture for the first time on the field, so it was fortunate that he had a response. I enjoyed it. He quickly returned with an explanation for his actions. Although it’s only the beginning, it was encouraging to see him performing and gaining experience.


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