May 30, 2024

After being prohibited from training with the NRL team, the captain of the Canterbury Bulldogs puts Super League clubs on notice.

Raymond Faitala-Mariner, the captain of the Canterbury Bulldogs, has issued a warning to Super League teams

Canterbury Bulldogs captain puts Super League clubs on red alert after  being barred from training with NRL side – Total Rugby League

after essentially being excluded from practicing with the NRL team.The back-rower had a challenging season in 2023 despite being selected captain by new coach Cameron Ciraldo prior to the NRL season. Faitala-Mariner spent a portion of the season in the hospital as a result of an illness that turned into pneumonia.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the 30-year-old has not yet found a new team in the southern hemisphere. Journalist Brent Read confirmed on Triple M Radio that Faitala-Mariner and the Bulldogs had a less than cordial relationship.

The one that’s interesting is tomorrow. Read declared, “The Bulldogs are back.”

“I don’t know if you recall, but at the end of the previous season, there was a little falling out between the club and their captain, Raymond Faitala-Mariner. After being elected club captain earlier in the year, he essentially got the go-ahead to investigate his alternatives.

Ray hasn’t yet joined another club, so it would be interesting to see if he shows up for practice tomorrow. I have a sneaking suspicion that he won’t attend since I don’t think everything between him and the club is perfect.

“Considering that he was the club captain a year ago, it’s a bit of a sad state of affairs.”

The fact that no NRL team appears interested in the back-rower may make it easier for Faitala-Mariner to relocate overseas.


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