May 22, 2024

Drake said more bizarre things during the Raptors vs. Celtics game.

Drake, one of the biggest names in the world of celebrity, is a visible superfan and supporter of the Toronto Raptors, even though the team may not have the most well-known or respected product in the NBA.

Drake is free to express his emotions on the show, and Toronto is not beyond allowing him to do so, which may lead to some amusing banter. He had the Boston Celtics in his sights going into this game because of the disparaging reference made to one of their bench players.

Drake takes over Raptors broadcast and provides some laughs - ESPN Video

When he called Celtics player Payton Pritchard a “crypto scammer,” Drake almost brought Matt Devlin and the other broadcasters to tears. When you give him the opportunity to freestyle, you never know who might be in the line of fire.

“Payton Pritchard’s out there looking like a crypto scammer” Drake was wildin’ on the Raptors broadcast tonight”

Drake said only that Darko Rajakovic, the new coach, “is not Nick Nurse” in response to a question about him. Though the rapper’s relationship with Nurse was closer than most “brand ambassadors” with head coaches, Rajakovic still appears to have some catching up to do before he and Mr. Graham get close.

“This guy is not Nick Nurse.” -Drake on Darko Rajakovic

Drake made some outrageous remarks during the Toronto Raptors vs. Boston Celtics game.
Drake, the creator of “Take Care,” added that he felt as though he hadn’t attended a Raptors game “since 1998” because of all the personnel and design changes the team had made. He also mentioned that he nearly had his credit card denied when attempting to buy a tequila shot. When he is around a microphone, nothing is boring.

Friday’s Drake-themed dalliance attracted attention in a Raptors season that hasn’t featured a lot of crazy that can take over social media. OVO’s imprint was all over this game, from having the megastar on the broadcast to playing on one of the rare in-season tournament courts that didn’t melt your eyes.

Regretfully, the Raptors were unable to win with a stunning comeback. Towards the end of the game, Rajakovic made a strange coaching choice that allowed Boston to win and sent Toronto down to 5-7. Pascal Siakam had one of the best games of the season.

Drake will want to visit Scotiabank Arena more often after watching Toronto at least appear like a thrilling squad last season. Siakam appears to have bounced back from a slump early in the season, Scottie Barnes continues to improve, and the offense is more fluid—if not always—than it was in previous year.

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