May 28, 2024

Jimmy Johnson will be inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor, as the team’s owner Jerry Jones announced more than two years ago, and a date has finally been chosen.

Cowboys make huge announcement about Jimmy Johnson

On Sunday, Jones revealed that Johnson will be admitted into the Cowboys Ring of Honor on December 30 during an appearance on “FOX NFL Kickoff.”

After rebuilding the Cowboys, Johnson led them to consecutive Super Bowl victories. He played a significant role in the team’s 1990s rise to fame. Johnson was denied entry into the team’s Ring of Honor for a number of years due to Jones’s accusations of “disloyalty.” In 1994, Johnson and Jones broke up because Jerry wanted to be more involved in hiring decisions rather than let Johnson keep his position of authority.

On Sunday, Jones and Johnson emphasized how they never had disagreements about football-related issues. Near the end of Johnson’s time as Dallas’ head coach, they admitted to being “careless” with their relationship and cut off contact. They claimed that things have greatly improved between them.

When Jones declared on FOX prior to the Hall of Fame Game that he intended to induct Johnson into the Ring of Honor, the feud appeared to have finally come to an end two years ago. In response, Johnson gave Jones a hard time for keeping him out for so long.

For two years, Jones avoided answering questions about Johnson’s induction into the Hall of Fame, for whatever reason. We now know the exact date.

Jones is 81 years old and Johnson is 80. It’s long past time for the Cowboys to honor Johnson.

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