May 26, 2024

How to watch, odds, preview, and prediction for Ohio State vs. Michigan.

Prediction, odds, how to watch, and who will win between Ohio State and Michigan. November 25, a Saturday

The Ohio State running game is passable, if not outstanding. There’s not enough takeaways, not enough pass rush, and…

Compared to the defence that lost the previous two meetings, this one is superior. Way better.

Although it has been weeks since the defence faced a player who could complete a forward pass without having to pull off a play, it is still the best pass defence in the country, excellent at stopping drives on third down, and exceptional at staying strong even after bending slightly.

In the meantime, the Michigan offence hasn’t been nearly as potent since Jim Harbaugh’s suspension. Playing Penn State had more to do with it than anything else; the victory over Maryland was concerning, but the 27–15 victory was all about control.

When quarterback JJ McCarthy was forced to start throwing crucial passes in the second half, the running game wasn’t as good as it usually was, and the output wasn’t there either.

The Ohio State offence is another. Nope. It’s not the thrilling, high-flying show that CJ Stroud ran, but hey, it’s still the best in the Big Ten in terms of overall O. Although QB Kyle McCord isn’t Stroud, he has been excellent over the past month—aside from a couple of interceptions against Wisconsin—all things considered.

The Michigan defense’s weak point was highlighted by the Maryland game, which didn’t exactly expose it. If you can use the fast-moving passing game as a ground attack, you can move, but you won’t be able to run on this group.

McCord is capable of doing that. He’s done a fantastic job of staying away from major blunders and doesn’t push. If he keeps getting caught up with that Marvin Harrison Jr. guy on midrange throws, don’t be shocked. But stillv.

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