July 21, 2024

Cowboys CB Daron Bland Has Tied A Dallas Record, Recording His Fourth Pick Six In The Season. Here’s What Bland Must Do To Beat The Record

There is a very good chance that Daron Bland will shatter an NFL record. The NFL record for the most interception return touchdowns in a season was tied by his fourth pick-six of the year. For most in a season, Bland is currently tied with Eric Allen, Ken Houston, and Jim Kearney. Compared to what many of us think, Bland has a far better chance of making the NFL history books.

With his record tying four pick-sixes, DaRon Bland is aiming to break the single-season record.

How Realistic Is It?

Not everything about DaRon Bland’s incredible 2023 defensive performance started out so well. Due to Trevon Diggs’ ACL injury, Bland and Stephon Gilmore are now Dallas’ best cornerbacks. Bland has proven that he is the head of the CB room and that he has the ability to undermine a quarterback’s self-assurance. It’s far harder for him to go from outside CB to nickel CB than most of us think. Bland has faced an uphill battle in the past.

“The record wasn’t the main focus. Being remembered and recorded in history is really important, according to Bland. “It dates back to my days as a receiver in high school, when I was constantly holding the ball,”

On Thursday, the football might find its way back into the hands of the former fifth-round unknown. On Thanksgiving, the Dallas Cowboys play their annual holiday game against the Washington Commanders. Sam Howell, quarterback for the Commanders, now leads the NFL in passing yards. It’s reasonable to assume that Howell will be flamboyant on Thanksgiving. Bland has an opportunity to take advantage of Washington’s pass-heavy offense.

Bland should take note of the fact that Washington throws the ball more often than any other NFL team. There will be occasions when the ball comes his way in an extremely pass-happy offense. He has previously locked up Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson. His position change and Howell’s pass-happy style could help DaRon Bland achieve a record-breaking fifth pick-six.

How Would Dallas Affect It?
Let’s pretend for the sake of amusement that Bland just broke the record. A big five.

Both an NFL record and a Dallas Cowboys record are broken by Bland’s fifth pick-six. Although Dallas’ strategy is unknown, Bland’s retention in the area would undoubtedly benefit from a broken record. Bland’s future status as a Cowboy would be substantially aided by another touchdown for Dallas.

This season, Bland has earned each and every interception. He might not be thought of by many as the best CB in the league or in the discussion. Bland’s wallet would get irritated and haters would shut up with a fifth pick-six. A league-high five defensive touchdowns would result in a hefty salary for DaRon Bland.

Bland is moving up Dallas’ priority list thanks to his very explosive play. His play is still superior to Jourdan Lewis’s and Stephon Gilmore’s. Nine years younger than the former DPOY and four interceptions more than Gilmore.

Because of the nature of the business, after a record-breaking season, Dallas might have to make an offseason move. Bland finds himself alone on an island in Dallas as a result of his four pick-sixes. There may be problems ahead because Bland is the only Cowboy CB performing at his caliber. CB Jourdan Lewis is under pressure right now.

On Thanksgiving, Bland has a good chance of breaking the single-season record for touchdowns gained via interceptions. Even so, it’s still not an easy feat. Should he break the record, there’s a possibility Bland becomes untouchable, hits paydirt, and another CB is cut. Bland will play in an NFC East game against Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson. It’s still likely that he will record his fifth pick-six against Washington’s 12th overall offensive unit.


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