May 25, 2024

Watch these: three Ohio State Buckeyes as they take on Michigan.

The Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes will square off in the Big House on Saturday during Hate Week. Given that both teams are undefeated and focused on winning the Big Ten Championship and making it to the College Football Playoffs, this could be one of the most significant games in the rivalry’s history.

As some of the best players in the nation square off at the line of scrimmage, there will be no shortage of captivating matchups. However, three Ohio State players in particular have made a significant impact. Let’s examine the players Michigan supporters ought to be keeping an eye on.

Sportsman Marvin Harrison Jr.
It seems like we feature an Ohio State wide receiver every year. Marvin Harrison Jr., though, is undoubtedly superior to all the previous Buckeyes we have featured in this piece, and I believe he should have a real chance to win the Heisman Trophy.

This season, Harrison Jr. has carried the Buckeyes to several pivotal moments. The junior wide receiver was the key that separated Penn State and Ohio State in The Shoe in October. During the game, he had 11 receptions for 162 yards and a touchdown.

Harrison Jr. has scored 100 yards or more in seven different games in 2023. Along with scoring in nine out of eleven games this season, he has 14 touchdowns in total.

Harrison Jr. caught seven passes for 120 yards and a touchdown in The Game the previous season. Will Johnson assisted in slowing down the top wide receiver in the country when he was in coverage. Because of how well Johnson was playing, Jim Harbaugh even said after the victory that he thought Ryan Day was pushing Harrison Jr. away from Johnson. One of the most crucial fights in the game will be the rematch.

Now, some of that can be attributed to the weapons Harrison Jr. and other people have around him. But the Buckeyes have won a lot of games this season because McCord has managed the football. McCord is playing in his first starting season, and this is by far the biggest game of his career thus far.

However, McCord has not performed well when travelling.

1,729 yards, 70.2 percent completion percentage, 14 touchdowns, and zero interceptions in six games played at home.
1,170 yards, 62% completion percentage, 8 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions on the road (five games).
Similar results have been seen in the Buckeyes’ two games against top-25 opponents (Penn State and Notre Dame): 526 yards, 59.7 percent completion percentage, one touchdown, and zero interceptions.

In addition to being a competent game manager, McCord is, in my opinion, the least explosive quarterback the Buckeyes have had in ten years. That does not negate his ability to execute a fantastic drive, but I’m not sure if he has been the main factor in any of their victories this season.

Both McCord and his head coach Ryan Day will look back on this game as a turning point. Fans of Ohio State are already furious about the head coach’s future after two straight losses to Michigan, and if Kevin McCord struggles to lead Ohio State to a defeat on Saturday, I predict the commotion will only grow louder.

In addition, it’s a chance for Ohio State to correct course and demonstrate that Day can consistently produce elite talent at the quarterback position, which has been a major factor in Ohio State’s long-term success.

Tommy Eichenberg, LB
Tommy Eichenberg is the player who best represents the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Eichenberg was named first-team All-Big Ten by the coaches and media last season, and he was unanimously selected to the second team of the All-American team for his play. He also led the Big Ten in solo tackles.

Eichenberg has been captain for the past two years and has been their best player when it comes to ball defence. Despite missing the previous two weeks due to injury, the senior linebacker still leads the team in tackles with 73.

Eichenberg has a wide range of abilities. Although he is undoubtedly one of the best tacklers in the game, he also possesses exceptional instincts. He had an interception and four passes defensed in the previous campaign. In addition, he has 19.5 career tackles for loss and the ability to pressure the quarterback when necessary.

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