May 22, 2024

The problems we observed in Week 1 returned to haunt them, as is always the case with a programme led by Ryan Day. Another devastating defeat was brought about by Day’s coaching, his lack of faith in his players, and Kyle McCord’s poor decisions at the halfway point of the season. Ohio State also performed well on special teams. Ryan Day failed to earn the confidence of Michigan and interim coach Sherrone Moore to win the game when it mattered most. It’s easy.

Like me, you’ve moved past the Day era. With this programme, Day wants to win the Big Ten, the national championship, and the match against TTUN. In the past three seasons, he is 0–9. I’m curious how he would rank himself in relation to his own objectives. In addition, the roster of It is just not acceptable for players to have attended Ohio State and never defeated Michigan.

On that list are:

Fleming, Julian
First-round selection in the NFL Draught by Paris Johnson Jr.
Jaxon Smith-Njigba – Initial exchange selection in the NFL Draught
NFL Draught choice in the first round, CJ Stroud
Tuimoloau, J.T.
Sawyer Jack
Jackson Donovan
Emeka Egbuka
Henderson TreVeyon
Mike Hall, Jr.
Hancock, Jordan
Williams Tyliek
Burke Denzel
The best wide receiver in Ohio State history, Marvin Harrison Jr.

Each and every athlete on this list plans to compete in the NFL. Paris Johnson Jr. is perhaps one of the league’s best young tackles, Stroud already projects as one of the top five players, and Marvin Harrison Jr. is about as surefire as it gets to win a gold jacket.

How does Ryan Day accept the failure of the previous three seasons when he looks in the mirror? Though Ohio State will always be the best in the country and recruit well, is it likely that we will ever see a quarterback better than Stroud? What are the chances that we will see a wide receiver with Marvin Harrison Jr.’s level of talent and work ethic?

Who’s to say Johnson Jr., an offensive tackle who can play two positions well and be selected in the first round of the NFL Draught after three seasons, won’t be available again?

Of course, Day deserves credit for bringing these players on board. There isn’t a plausible scenario in which Day turns into a subpar recruiter and the Buckeyes aren’t among the top five programmes in the nation. But I no longer believe that he can succeed at the greatest level. Who’s to say he can do it in the future if he couldn’t do it with these players?

He has had four or five of the most talented wide receivers and possibly the two most talented quarterbacks in Ohio State history during his five years in charge. In the games that count, he is 1-6. In an odd defeat to Oregon, his defence was unable to stem a nosebleed, allowing Oregon to keep hitting the perimeter. He has three losses in the biggest college football regular season game and has lost to Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia in the playoffs. In comparison to the seven losses, those 56 victories are meaningless.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “My standards are too high, no one can do what I’m asking,” that’s just not true. Aside from perhaps the 2020 Alabama game, Despite being competitive in every game, Ohio State was unable to secure a victory due to either Day’s lacklustre play calling or a fatal staff or roster flaw that could have been addressed prior to the season. There are many fixable errors throughout the Day era.

The following is a list of the reasons Day and Ohio State haven’t won a championship during Ryan Day’s tenure:

An outdated strength and conditioning regimen that manifests itself in crucial games as either major injuries or his players being bullied by teams that are bigger, stronger, and more experienced.
It takes too long to find the issue and fire the coach due to poor offensive line development and recruiting.
Ryan Day’s play calling, about which he later changed his mind after declaring he would give up.
The defence lacked supervision, the coaching staff was ill-prepared and unable to develop players, and the linebackers coach was substituted for a special teams coach on the field.
Special teams, a unit that has cost Ohio, were not properly supervised.

Which of these does the head coach not have any responsibility for? Before any of these problems were resolved, fans and the few sincere media members had complained about them for months or even years. Day didn’t make any changes to his program—firing the defensive staff and the offensive line coach—until tragedy struck. Day now faces a new set of issues, some of which he ought to have resolved the previous year. Therefore, if he wants to have a chance to succeed at Ohio State, he must make these adjustments during the offseason.

Flames Parker Fleming: A full-time special teams coach is not necessary, especially if they are incompetent. Refer to No. 2.
In order to have a complete defensive staff and the ability to recruit, hire James Laurinatis as the linebacker coach.
Flames Mick Mariotti Finally, bring your strength and conditional programme into the twenty-first century by redesigning it.
Get rid of or retire Larry Johnson and appoint a new defensive line coach to oversee Jim Knowles’ defensive scheme.

Fire and replace Tony Alford, Keenan Bailey, or Corey Dennis. This is more about Day than it is about any of these coaches separately. This crime requires an outside force. Every member of the staff has either been there since Urban or has had some experience working for Day. Day needs to appoint a new offensive assistant who is unaffiliated with his offence and programme.
Move into a CEO role and give up calling offensive plays. Hartline was hired by you to be the offensive coordinator, and Day personally selected every member of the staff save Tony Alford. Give them the benefit of the doubt and let them go.
Allow all five offensive line positions to be filled, and invite competitors through the portal.

Allow Air Noland and Lincoln Kienholz to compete in the QB division, in addition to competition from the portal.
Shift Sonny Styles to linebacker; he excels there and Jordan Hancock fills in admirably. Tommy Eichenberg is probably not on the roster, and you need experience with Steele Chambers.
Regarding Hancock, do everything you can to persuade players like Denzel Burke, Tyliek Williams, Mike Hall, TreVeyon Henderson, Lathan Ransom, and Jack Sawyer to stay, including using NIL. Because they can be first-round picks, I completely expect Marvin Harrison Jr., Emeka Egbuka, and J.T. Tuimoloau to depart. In the unlikely event that they returned, you would gladly accept it.

Will these ten priorities ensure that Ohio State wins the National Championship or defeats Michigan the following season? No, but I can pretty much guarantee that if Day doesn’t do most of the things on this list, he will lose to Michigan four times in a row, which will leave a first-year athletic director to decide whether to let him go.



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