May 22, 2024

The Boston Bruins are struggling to find their identity as they go through a three-game losing streak.

The Boston Bruins need to concentrate on improving one specific area, according to Brad Marchand, after giving up five goals in their Monday night loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

In the postgame broadcast on NESN, Marchand stated, “I think we got a little too loose defensively.” This year, we have given up far too many odd-man rushes, which has been a major issue once more. It is unrealistic to anticipate winning games if you allow three or four breakaways and numerous two-on-one opportunities each night. We must play much tighter defence over the ice.

The Bruins will finally have a stretch of home games where they can relax and rehearse at Warrior Ice Arena on Wednesday before their game against the San Jose Sharks on Thursday. This comes after playing five games in eight days.

“We were careless. Kind of missing coverage all over the ice, according to Marchand. It needs to be slightly more precise in some areas, and a little more practise will help with that. We haven’t had much experience. We try to discuss it and go over it on video, but we still need to practise. On Wednesday, we’ll work on that, and on Thursday, hopefully, we’ll be better.

Marchand stated that considering the team’s early success, the players’ main goal going forward should be to concentrate on the upcoming game rather than getting caught up in the past.

According to Marchand, “you want to learn from it.” But you can’t get mired in the past when playing this game. never stopping to think about tomorrow and improving. We will have the chance to accomplish that on Wednesday.

Marchand went on, “The most important thing is that you should always try to get yourself out of a bad situation. It is advisable that we focus and find a solution.

The Boston captain stated that the Bruins must have faith in one another to perform well and give it their all on the ice.

“In this league, there can be no weak links,” he declared. Every night, you can witness the extreme parity in the league. Any night now, the team in last place can win. All you need to do is focus on your specifics, and the most important thing about our team is that we never stop working. For us, that is the beginning, and we must return there.

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