May 30, 2024

Atlanta Braves announce 20 draught picks from the 2023 class have been signed.

Once again, Atlanta moved quickly, closing all but one of its deals ahead of schedule. 

After making their official announcement, the Atlanta Braves signed 20 out of the 21 players selected in the 2023 MLB Draught. Here, they revealed every signing, Hurston Waldrep being the first round selection. With a $3,000,000 bonus, Waldrep received the largest payout of the group; however, Drue Hackenberg, a second-round pick, may have received the most unexpected bonus. Upon entering the draught, Hackenberg was not anticipated to demand a large signing bonus; instead, he was granted a $2,000,000 bonus.

After those two pitchers, the players who were most anticipated to receive bonuses were the top six picks in the draught, who received all six of the highest money values. The prep team’s fourth-round selection Garrett Baumann and fifth-round selection Isaiah Drake, who each earned $750k, consumed a large portion of the team’s budget. You can view the signing tracker I’ve been updating to see a list of all the signees and their bonuses. Brady Day, an infielder selected in the 12th round who will return to Kansas State, was the only player who chose not to sign.

Over the weekend, the majority of the players reported to the spring training site, where they will undergo evaluations and ultimately be assigned to tasks. NumerousIf any pitchers pitch this year, especially those like Waldrep who pitched late in the season, they won’t see any action right away. It appears that sending players out will begin in August. See Matt Powers’s draught recap for additional information on these players, and keep an eye out for a few of these draught picks in the midseason top 25 prospects list.

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