May 26, 2024

What Deebo Samuel Discussed with 49ers Locker Room Guest Grant Cohn

49ers News: Grant Cohn says Deebo Samuel is going to get “screwed” by the  team - Niners Nation

Samuel has a very quick tongue and is very intelligent. It appears that he is at last becoming sufficiently at ease with himself to reveal that side to the public, or at least to the press.

This is a significant story that occurred yesterday.

Deebo Samuel graciously agreed to do an interview and give reporters his time while he was in the 49ers locker room. We hastily made our way to his locker, where he was patiently waiting for us. An actual pro.

There is a basketball hoop next to Samuel’s locker, and some of the other players, like Jon Feliciano, were shooting jumpers. Samuel made the snap decision to try before the interview even started. Perhaps Samuel was apprehensive? On occasion, it appears as though he could experience social anxiety when required to give a public speech. Don’t we all?

Samuel then requested that the ball be passed to him. Samuel said, “Hit Grant with the ball!” because I was in the way of him and whoever was holding it. He chuckled. I chuckled. Everyone chuckled. I also avoided being struck by the ball.

In Samuel’s career, this is a game-changing moment because it demonstrates development. He’s starting to enjoy working with the media and is learning how to win them over to his point of view. Samuel will turn 28 in January, which is when most players come to this realization as they get older. They are cautious of the media when they are young. As they become older, they know how to use—or at the very least, appreciate—the media.



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