July 21, 2024

Danny Kanell shouldn’t need another reminder to leave Deion Sanders and his family alone.

It shouldn’t take another prompting for Danny Kanell to abandon Deion Sanders and his family. On Tuesday, the CBS Sports analyst felt compelled to react unexpectedly to a tweet that Deion Sanders, Jr. had posted three months prior. Remember, there has been a history of animosity between Sanders and Kanell.

Still, the former quarterback for Florida State felt emboldened to comment on Coach Prime’s season and specifically address all three of Sanders’ sons.

“Hi junior, @DeionSandersJr, congrats on your four victories this year. Some guidance for the second year: Give up writing checks. Your little brothers are incapable of making money. Make sure your father is happy with the way you are speaking. Say little when you lose. Say less when you win.”

The previous week, after the Buffaloes’ season-ending 4-8 record against Colorado State, Kanell had fired off another jab at Coach Prime via Twitter. “Imagine that. Appears Jay Norvell was spending the week studying film and game planning instead of doing interviews and selling sunglasses,” Kanell wrote. Sanders had a strong response to Kanell back in September, saying, “Stay out of grown folks business.” The two former FSU players have been at odds with each other for a number of reasons, and this appears to be Kanell’s latest attempt to escalate the situation.

Colorado’s off-season comes to a critical juncture when the transfer portal reopens in a few days. It looks that Sanders’ second phase of expansion will bring a sizable influx of players to CU.

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