May 29, 2024

The Celtics announced via their X account that Kristaps Porzingis will miss his third consecutive game with his calf injury when they play against the Sixers on December 1.

Celtics get concerning Kristaps Porzingis injury update

Al Horford will probably start at center for the Celtics against the Sixers because Porzingis is out. With his standing as one of the best Joel Embiid defenders, Horford’s departure from the Celtics may be best. With Horford as their starting center, the Celtics haven’t let up much overall. In the three games that Horford has started in place of Porzingis, the Celtics have not lost.

Al Horford had a sweet moment in the final minutes of the Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks game when he checked on his son Ean after stopping a shot that went into his lap.

After the game, Horford explained the process of events between blocking the shot and checking on Ean.

It was an awesome occasion. To say the least, he was taken aback. However, Horford told reporters on November 28 that it was a cool moment, as seen on the CLNS Media Boston Sports Network YouTube Channel. It sort of disconnects you from everything. It changes your perspective for sure. You check that he’s okay by taking a look at him. But you do seem to lose focus on your current situation. Thus, it was quite interesting. After it, he was quite thrilled about it.


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