May 29, 2024

Ohio State Football already losing players to transfer portal

The way college sports are run has been altered by the transfer portal. There are two opportunities to access the portal in college football: immediately following the season and immediately following spring ball. Now that the Ohio State football team’s regular season is over, a few players have already chosen to use the portal.

The first person to announce their position on the portal was Omari Abor. As a sophomore, Abor has only ever collected stats from two games. This season, he registered a tackle against both Purdue and Western Kentucky. He wants to go somewhere where he can genuinely get playing time because he has been a non-factor.

The transfer portal has changed the way collegiate athletics are administered. In college football, there are two times you can use the portal: right after the season and right after spring ball. Several Ohio State football players have already opted to use the portal now that the regular season has concluded.

Omari Abor was the first to post a position announcement on the portal. Abor has only ever accumulated stats from two games as a sophomore. He recorded a tackle this season in games against Western Kentucky and Purdue. He’s been a non-factor, so he wants to go somewhere where he can actually get playing time.

For the Buckeyes, none of these players will be a significant loss. The player with the most games played, Martinez, wasn’t a starter either. The coaching staff isn’t really upset about these guys leaving, in my opinion. However, we wish them all the best in the future.

Before the season ends, these three Buckeyes won’t be the only ones to access the transfer portal. Before the month is out, I’m willing to wager that at least a few more guys will give it a try. Many of the players on this team are hoping to get more playing time in Columbus.

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