June 14, 2024

This Season, Stephen A. Smith Outperforms the Cowboys in Competition

Stephen A. Smith makes mockery of Dak Prescott's Cowboys' 5-3 start to  season

As usual, the Dallas Cowboys have been among the most talked-about teams in the league this season. Despite the fact that the Cowboys are only a few games away from the postseason, some people still don’t know what to think of this team. They have been outstanding against losing teams and, after some difficulty, they have finally defeated a winning team, the Seattle Seahawks.

This is the reason Stephen A. Smith is still not convinced and doesn’t believe they live up to the hype.

The ESPN pundit made fun of the Cowboys’ opponents and their level of competition in the most recent episode of First Take, where they were enjoying a 14-game winning streak at AT&T Stadium.

When playoff time rolls around, Smith said, they won’t have the same level of competition.

To be honest, Smith has never disguised his hatred for the Cowboys and has consistently attacked them, so it’s possible that he has some bias on this issue.

Furthermore, the Cowboys shouldn’t be held accountable for the teams they have played.

They have consistently and significantly accomplished the task at hand, which is to defeat the team in front of them.

Granted that they are unable to overcome the San Francisco 49ers, they ought to be concerned about a possible playoff rematch.

However, after 13 weeks, this team is still 9-3, which is significantly better than the majority of teams in the league, so perhaps it’s time to start treating them seriously.

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