May 22, 2024

Green Bay Packers: David Bakhtiari Makes Massive Announcement Regarding 2024 NFL Plans

The Packers should listen to trade offers for David Bakhtiari - Acme Packing Company

Despite their current 6-6 record, the Green Bay Packers had a 2-5 record at one point, so expectations are high and the team’s positivity is impeccable. The Packers’ next five opponents are five teams with records of.500 or below. There is a strong possibility that they could qualify for the NFL Playoffs if they win all of those games or go 4-1.

They are not looking that far ahead, of course. The best they can do, as a.500 football team themselves, is concentrate on the team that will be their opponent on any given week. However, that does not imply that some players are not planning ahead.

Regretfully, the Packers have had to cope with an abundance of awful injuries since the start of the season. Tyler Davis, a seasoned tight end and special teams star, tore his ACL during the preseason and has missed the entire season. Despite having an outstanding performance against the Chicago Bears in Week One, David Bakhtiari’s knee injury necessitated multiple additional surgeries.

Among these injured players, Bakhtiari’s torn ACL on New Year’s Eve 2020 may have been the most notable, potentially costing the Packers a trip to the Super Bowl. With the exception of a few snaps in Week 17, he missed the entire 2021 season and appeared in just 11 games in 2022.

Numerous supporters and experts have predicted that Green Bay will cut him in 2024 in order to save $19 million because of his large cap figure in the last year of his contract. But it doesn’t appear that Bakhtiari has any plans to do that.

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