May 30, 2024

The reason Shaquille Leonard signed with the Philadelphia Eagles instead of moving to Dallas is becoming clearer with the latest news about the Cowboys. Owner Jerry Jones responded to the whispers about the Cowboys’ disappointing performance. Jones refuted the idea that there were monetary motivations.

By all accounts, Leonard thinks the Eagles have a better chance of winning a Super Bowl than the Cowboys. When the two teams square off in Week 14, Jones expressed his desire for Leonard to “wish he was on the winning side” while still sending his best wishes to the player. Leonard’s choice to pass on Dallas in favor of Philly gives the rivalry game even more intensity.

In an interview with 105.3 on December 5, 2023, Jones stated, “Again, I want to point out that we certainly talked to him and were interested on a certain basis if he could come in.” “Shan & RJ” from The Fan And he chose Philadelphia, that’s all. Simply put, let’s exert every effort to make him wish he was on the winning team on Sunday.

On November 21, Leonard was unexpectedly cut by the Colts, which prompted visits to Dallas and Philadelphia by free agents. According to Jones, Leonard’s choice was influenced by the team that offered him the “best chance” to win a Super Bowl.

With all due respect, Jones said, “I wish him the best personally.” “He is deserving of that. His career has been extremely distinguished. I met with him, we had lunch, and I had a nice conversation, but there was never even a discussion of money.

That was definitely untrue, as he seemed to have desired to go to the location where he believed he had the best chance. I respect and acknowledge his choice there, for sure. We have always been confident in our linebackers, so it has never been a problem for us.

The consensus in the league before Leonard made his choice, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, was that the Cowboys were the best fit. In the end, Leonard disagreed, making a lot of Cowboys news when he signed a contract with the Eagles.

In an article titled “NFL Week 13 predictions, fantasy sleepers, key stats, buzz,” Fowler stated on December 2 that “we’re seeing a mini NFC East head-to-head with a few free agents this week.” Shaquille Leonard, a linebacker, is up for grabs and will probably choose between the Eagles and Cowboys this weekend.

Dallas is the greatest option, according to a few scouts I spoke with, because he can fill the Leighton Vander Esch role. The Eagles are expected to be involved in a reunion with Zach Ertz. In addition, Baltimore might be worth keeping an eye on following the injury to Mark Andrews.

Leonard is anticipated to play for the Cowboys in their next Sunday Night Football game. Jones acknowledges that for veterans like Leonard, late-season cuts have turned into a new norm.

Naturally, Jones remarked, “We very easily could see him out here against us Sunday.” “When I think about it, I have to take a step back. These are the times when a player like that can be available, choose his team, which he can and does, and be playing in three or four days.

It’s just a special moment in time. Though I don’t mean to come across as whiny, it just strikes me as unusual that he can jump right in and play against us on Sunday.


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