May 30, 2024

Chiefs news: K.C. ranks dead last in NFL salary cap space

Kansas City Chiefs dead cap: 4 players account for nearly $8 million

As the month of June approaches its last week and training camp approaches in just a few weeks, it is at least interesting to note that the Kansas City Chiefs rank dead last for NFL salary cap space. It should be noted, however, that the NFL’s salary cap report is just a snapshot of a specific moment for a figure that is quite fluid depending on myriad factors.

Despite the significant differences in the numbers, the Chiefs currently have the least amount of salary cap space available for a move—that is, until they figure out a way to clear some more.

The Chiefs are currently ranked No. 32 out of 32 with slightly over $1 million ($1,002,484 to be exact) at their disposal, according to the NFL Players Association’s daily recap. Over the Cap, meanwhile, has determined that the Chiefs are in even worse shape given that they have just $409,942 available to sign a player or make any transactions.

To provide some context, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ranked No. 31 overall by the NFLPA, with nearly $1 million more in cap space. At $32.3 million, the Chicago Bears currently have the most space available. A little bit over $14.5 million is the NFL average.

But to show you how pointless it can all be, keep in mind that during one part of the 2020 offseason.

As for anyone worried about the lack of cap space, a single contract extension or contract restructure can alter the entire picture—including the long-rumored extension for defensive tackle Chris Jones. Once such a signing is made, the Chiefs will likely free up a lot more space entering the regular season so they can maintain the freedom and flexibility to make other moves as needed.

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