May 30, 2024

The Pittsburgh Steelers said they did take the Cardinals lightly.

Pittsburgh — In Week 13, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the 2-10 Arizona Cardinals 24-10, suffering one of their worst losses in recent memory. Trying to look forward now, the team acknowledges that they played their last opponent “too lightly.”

Running back Jaylen Warren acknowledged after the game that the team might have underestimated Arizona before the game.

“I guess just taking them lightly — lighter than we should have,” said Warren. “Yeah, could be.”

In a brief week, the Steelers will play the 2-10 New England Patriots, but as Johnson stated, they think they can win.

“Never give up,” Tomlin advised in his message about getting over the setback. “Getting better involves a number of different factors. Texting is merely one of them. Probably a more important component is physical work. And for that reason, performance preparation is so important these days. You just never get tired of striving for excellence and making daily improvements, even in a season like this one.”


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