May 30, 2024

How Kyle Shanahan has Changed

If Kyle Shanahan hadn’t altered the makeup of his offense, the 49ers would not have defeated the Eagles this past weekend. He is displaying extreme adaptability, self-awareness, and self-criticism all of a sudden.

Who is this man?

At last, he admitted that his strategy for the NFC Championship Game against the Eagles had been flawed. He would never, ever, verbally acknowledge that. On the play where Brock Purdy tore his UCL, he defended calling a slow-moving play-action pass from under center and asking his backup tight end to block Haason Reddick. All year long, Shanahan defended that play call. However, he made no such call on Sunday in Philadelphia.

Purdy was in the shotgun on the first two plays of the game, and the 49ers lacked a running back in the backfield. That was a declaration. They were presenting a fresh, offensive persona. A deft, lateral passing attack from the shotgun instead of a forceful, downhill rushing attack combined with play action. The Shanahan Offense’s opposite. which implies that the NFC Championship taught him a valuable lesson.

Shanahan has continued to make the same mistakes for years. blamed other people for his own mistakes. However, his game plan on Sunday was an acknowledgement that it was completely incorrect for the NFC Championship. That’s Shanahan’s growth. He didn’t just call the same plays with his backup tight end in place. didn’t merely adhere to his comfort zone and system. He introduced a completely different offensive scheme that was intended to take advantage of the Eagles’ defense.

Maybe he’s ready for his first Super Bowl victory.


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