May 30, 2024

Jonathan Kuminga, at just twenty-one, is an exceptionally experienced player. Several NBA players should take a cue from the poise with which he handled being a DNP.

Kuminga was not in the starting lineup for last night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers. He had the option to gripe or complain, but he chose to act in the complete other way.

“If it were my first time, I would be wondering, ‘What do I need to do?'” I now know what I must do,” Kuminga remarked.

Surprisingly, Kuminga was then the Golden State Warriors’ rescuer in a game against the Portland Trail Blazers. He finished with 13 points in 17 minutes, making him a +16 in that brief period of time. Without a doubt, without Jonathan Kuminga in the game, the Golden State Warriors cannot defeat the undermanned Portland Trail Blazers.

“He was excellent,” stated Steve Kerr. “The game’s secret was him. He wasn’t in the starting lineup simply because it’s difficult to play ten players. I’m overjoyed for JK because he persevered, showed up, and won.”

Despite the general negative perception that people have of the Warriors, their younger players consistently deliver when given the chance. It’s possible that the team is younger than everyone says.


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