May 22, 2024

FOX College Football Analyst Makes Absurd Claim About JJ McCarthy, Kyle McCord

There are “hot takes”, and then there are just really, really bad takes. FOX college football analyst RJ Young has developed a bit of a reputation for providing the latter, and his argument regarding Kyle McCord and JJ McCarthy is a perfect example of that.

During one of his recent podcast segments, Young attempted to make the argument that Kyle McCord has done more at Ohio State than JJ McCarthy has done at Michigan.

“I would contend that despite the fact that Kyle McCord accomplished more at Ohio State than JJ McCarthy did at Michigan, that is still insufficient because—well—Michigan defeated Ohio State. In order for Michigan to win, JJ performed well enough, and Kyle McCord threw two interceptions in that contest.”

Young provided a wealth of information to consider in his argument in such a brief statement.

An even stronger case can be made for McCarthy’s leadership in the 2023 season if we limit our analysis to statistical data. His 74.2 percent completion rate is 8.4 points higher than McCord’s 65.8 percent. McCarthy has a quarterback rating of 89.2, while McCord’s is 83.7, per ESPN. The quarterback for the Buckeyes did have 16 more completions, but he also attempted 61 more passes. In 2023, McCord outthrew McCarthy by five touchdown passes (24 to 19), but he also threw two more interceptions (6-4).

In such a brief statement, Young offered a plethora of information to take into account in his argument.

If we restrict our analysis to statistical data, McCarthy’s leadership in the 2023 season will be even more compelling. Compared to McCord’s 65.8 percent completion rate, his is 8.4 points higher at 74.2 percent. According to ESPN, McCord has an 83.7 quarterback rating, while McCarthy has an 89.2 rating. Although the Buckeyes’ quarterback attempted 61 more passes than he completed, he did have 16 more completions. McCord gave up five touchdown passes to McCarthy in 2023 (24 to 19), but he also threw two more interceptions (6-4).

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