May 30, 2024

What’s new with Ballpark in 2023

MLB has partnered with SeatGeek as its exclusive Fan-to-Fan Ticket Marketplace. For the first time, fans will now be able to list their tickets for sale directly from the MLB Ballpark app.

MLB Ballpark app users can view a tap story of the upcoming MLB rule changes for the 2023 season to learn more about what’s new on the field.

The MLB Ballpark app now has dynamic ticket barcodes, including advanced fraud and counterfeit protection with live encryption on each ticket enabled for even greater security. Ticket barcodes will rotate every few seconds and will display animated baseballs along the flanks of the ticket.

Fans now have more control over the tickets they want to forward through the MLB Ballpark app, with an ability to select which ticket(s) they want to share, while clearly displaying the status of each ticket in their group.

New MLB Ballpark app users that need to verify their account can be confident that their tickets are safely stored in the app by seeing them in a “pending” state on the Home tab, with a prompt to verify their email to access their tickets.

Enhanced capabilities for venue content, including access to the native camera for Augmented Reality (“AR”) experiences and to invoke the Mobile Wallet for transactions at point of sale (“POS”) terminals (at applicable venues).

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