July 23, 2024


IN RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSY — Even after information about a falling out between himself and head coach Brian Daboll surfaced in recent weeks, defensive coordinator Wink Martindale continued to voice his desire to play for the New York Giants the following season.

Prior to the team’s 10-7 victory over the New England Patriots on November 26, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported that there is a noticeable tension between the two players in the building and that it wouldn’t be shocking if they eventually broke up. Glazer went so far as to say that it might occur during the season.

In the days following that game, Daboll played down any possible falling out between the two coaches. But instead of responding directly to inquiries about Martindale’s future, he would ramble on about awkward foods.

“The biggest argument that Wink and I have had is who has the last piece of pizza,” Daboll stated.

Martindale made no indication on Friday that the couple couldn’t be saved.

He replied, “We’re okay.” It’s the same as it was in the previous year. Just because we were winning more games made a difference.” This season, the Giants (4-8) have not fared well. In particular, the offense, which is ranked 32nd, has increased the pressure on the defense. This comes after their first postseason victory in more than ten years last season, when they qualified for the playoffs.

hat was the first season for Daboll and Martindale together. This year has been much more trying.

Martindale said that Daboll told him after the Patriots game that there was a report detailing tension between the two.

“I said, ‘I don’t pay attention to that,'” Martindale explained.

He did say that it bothered him though.

The difference in personalities between Daboll and Martindale has been the impetus for some of the tension, according to multiple sources. They go about their jobs in very different manners.

Martindale is purposefully stoic, but Daboll is an emotional firecracker who has been seen on numerous occasions tearing into players and coaches on the sidelines. He has previously stated that he expects his players to do the same for him by remaining composed and self-assured in trying circumstances.

Martindale remarked on Friday, “I always say I owe my players my composure.”

Opinions within the Giants facility have occasionally diverged due to the disparate approaches. They still don’t think that’s particularly unusual.

Martindale admitted, “My wife and I don’t always agree.” “As head coach [Daboll], it is my responsibility to carry out his plan. And I’m doing just that.

Martindale admitted, “My wife and I don’t always agree.” “As head coach [Daboll], it is my responsibility to carry out his plan. And I’m going to carry that out.”

Martindale did not give much room for interpretation when asked if he would like to play for the Giants again in a third season.

Indeed, he replied.

The seasoned coordinator gave reasons for wanting to stay with the Giants for the upcoming season, citing the group and the things they were creating. However, he also avoided answering the question of whether he had received any guarantees that it would occur.

“We haven’t even talked about it because, like I said, to me that is where it gets back to the players and being focused on winning this game [vs. Green Bay on Monday night],” Martindale stated. “I think it’s a story, which detracts from Bobby Okereke’s excellent performance. Kayvon Thibodeaux’s playing ability. How excellent [Dexter Lawrence] is performing. It’s all about the players to me.

The Giants defense is coming off of two solid outings going into Monday night. In the victories over Washington and New England, they have forced nine turnovers, which has made it possible for them to win consecutive games for the first time this year.

This season, Martindale’s defense has shown promise in spurts. It appears to be heading in the right way. With an additional year of enhancements in personnel and refinement, it has the potential to become something truly exceptional.

Martindale remains devoted to the Giants.

“I remain so,” he declared. “I told the Maras, the Tiches, and this organization that this is a destination, not a place to stop. And it still is.”

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