July 23, 2024

The Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers will square off in the championship game of the NBA In-Season Tournament, which is almost over.

After thrashing the New Orleans Pelicans in the semifinals, the Lakers punched their ticket to the championship game.

NBA In-Season Tournament not lacking in the Las Vegas glitz and glamour | The Seattle Times

In fact, New Orleans made a strong run at the game, but Los Angeles crushed any chances of victory with an avalanche in the third quarter.

LeBron James, the oldest player in the league, put on an incredible display as he scored 30 points in just 23 minutes of play, making it his best game of the tournament.

Los Angeles is the clear favorite to win the inaugural NBA Cup because James has turned back time during the 2023–24 campaign.

Fans and the media were initially skeptical of the In-Season Tournament, but according to Brian Windhorst, James’s decision to take it seriously has completely changed the storyline of the Ringer.

According to Windhorst, “[LeBron] is essentially setting the tone for the entire NBA that this In-Season Tournament matters.”


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