May 30, 2024

Where Does Ohio State Stand In National Picture Right Now?

Ohio State is changing its approach to name, image and likeness | WOSU News

The debate happens every year … is it better to lose in the beginning of the season or end of the season if you’re going to lose a game?

No matter the answer to that question, an awful lot of good football teams have taken at least one L so far, several of whom still have a legitimate chance to make the coveted four team College Football Playoff.

Ohio State suffered an early loss to Oregon, which drastically diminished their chances of making the CFP. But after five weeks and after many other teams have come back to the pack a little bit, the stats tell a different story.

As of this writing, ESPN’s College Football Playoff Predictor says that if the Buckeyes win out the rest of the regular season AND win the Big Ten championship game, they have a remarkably high 98 percent chance to be selected to compete in the playoff (and a 19 percent chance to win it all).

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