July 23, 2024

I have noticed 'recipe for disaster' in Birmingham City's last two games  under Wayne Rooney - Alex Dicken - Birmingham Live

I have observed that Birmingham City’s past two games under Wayne Rooney have been a “recipe for disaster.”

Don’t let goals slip through your fingers at the other end when you’re not creating opportunities or scoring goals. Although it seems like a fundamental idea in football, Birmingham City is currently struggling to understand it.

The Blues planned to shoot themselves in the foot for the countlessth time during the Wayne Rooney era. In fact, Callum O’Hare, who scored both of the Sky Blues’ goals in a 2-0 victory, proved that Coventry City didn’t need much assistance.

But in the thirty minutes of last night’s match, Blues gave Coventry the upper hand. On halfway, Siriki Dembele relinquished possession with grace, leaving the Blues vulnerable on their left side. All Lee Buchanan could do was watch as O’Hare moved past John Ruddy and into the danger zone.

It was a goal that Blues had set for themselves. The most annoying thing is that it appears like every game at the moment has this issue.

Blues have allowed their opponents to score five goals in just the last four games. Apart from O’Hare’s opening goal, Sheffield Wednesday’s George Byers goal and the first three goals against Blackburn were incredibly avoidable.


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