May 28, 2024

Icing on the Cake? New England Patriots’ Sunday Rooting Guide After Upset Win Over Pittsburgh Steelers

A couple of results Sunday could increase the chances of the idle New England Patriots closing in on the No. 1 pick in next year’s NFL Draft.

Yes, we are suggesting that the New England Patriots have a chance to somehow still qualify for the postseason. But since it’s less than 1%, shouldn’t we be more practical in our rooting?

After defeating the Steelers in prime time last Thursday and securing the second overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Patriots will enjoy a rare December weekend off. It’s time to savor a rare triumph and cheer on other underdog teams.

The Patriots hold the second pick going into Week 14, but not by much. Five teams with four wins are “breathing” down their necks, and they only have three wins.

The Patriots’ week would be made even sweeter by these performances by the teams vying for the top pick, in addition to their victory on Thursday. Your guide to Sunday rooting:

1. 1–11 Panthers triumph over Saints The Bears own the pick as a result of their trade up for Bryce Young last year. Given that New Orleans is only 5-7, this may be Carolina’s last opportunity to win.

2. Patriots 3-10 – Off.

3. Cardinals 3-10 – Farewell.

4. Commanders 4–9: Goodbye.

5. 4–8 Lions are defeated by Bears – Given that quarterback Justin Fields is already a 2021 pick, should Chicago select another player if it ends up with two of the top five picks in April of the following year?

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