May 30, 2024

SEC Talent: Anonymous Coach Breaks Down Ohio State’s Roster

The Ohio State Buckeyes once again have one of the most talented rosters in college football, so with that comes national championship expectations.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are among the early favorites to win this year’s college football national championship, according to the media. What do other coaches believe, though, about the Buckeyes’ chances of winning this time around?

Recently, an article from Athlon Sports revealed the opinions of an unnamed coach regarding Ohio State. The coach clarified that expectations, not the team’s roster or coaching staff, are the real issues facing the Buckeyes.

“This is the only roster in the league that could’ve beat Georgia last year,” said the head coach. Every year, they have talent that is on par with the SEC in every position group. The issue lies in perspective; a loss to Michigan means the season is over. Ryan Day is an excellent head coach, and the program is in excellent hands. It’s just the way things are expected to be.”

The calls from some Buckeye supporters who wanted coach Ryan Day fired after the team lost to Michigan two seasons in a row best illustrate the coach’s point. Even though this is probably only the opinion of a small portion of the fan base, it illustrates how high the bar is each year.

Ohio State is expected by Buckeye supporters to contend for a national championship each year and to at least be in the Big Ten Championship. To his credit, Day has largely lived up to these anticipations; in three of his four seasons as the head coach, the Buckeyes have made it to the postseason.

Nevertheless, the defeats to Michigan lately have eclipsed those accomplishments, as supporters desire for their Buckeyes to return to the winning ways of “The Game.”


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