July 21, 2024

Toronto Raptors at New York Knicks Matchup: Lineup updates, injuries and more - Raptors HQ

On December 11 at 7:30 PM ET, Madison Square Garden will host a crucial Eastern Conference matchup between the Toronto Raptors and the New York Knicks. With a 9–13 record, Toronto is currently ranked 11th and wants to move up the standings, while the Knicks, who are currently in seventh place, want to hold onto their spot. Brimming with individual skill and subtle strategic differences, this matchup looks to be an exciting battle.

Desiring to Aim for Perfectionism
The Toronto Raptors, who currently sit 11th in the Eastern Conference, have a 9-13 record and struggle with consistency. The team ranks 23rd in the NBA in terms of offensive efficiency, averaging 111.0 points per game. With a field goal percentage of 46.3 (twentieth), their shooting accuracy indicates a need for improved shot selection and execution. Toronto has struggled especially at the three-point line, where they are shooting a pitiful 33.2% (30th). Nonetheless, their ability to control the boards and generate second-chance opportunities is demonstrated by their strength in rebounding, as they average 45.9 rebounds per game (seventh best).

The Raptors rank 15th in the league in terms of defensive efficiency, allowing an average of 112.8 points per game. With their opponents’ field goal percentage of 47.3 (18th), they could do better in terms of defensive pressure and shot-blocking. They have a marginally superior three-point defense, allowing opponents to shoot just 37.0% (20th) from beyond the arc.


Important members of the team include Pascal Siakam, who leads the team with 20.7 points per game, Dennis Schroder, who leads with 6.8 assists, and Scottie Barnes, who pulls down 9.2 rebounds per game. Siakam’s 80.0% field goal percentage is astounding, and Barnes leads the team in steals (1.7 SPG) and blocks (1.3 BPG), demonstrating his value on defense.

Expanding on Victories
With a 12-9 record and a seventh-place standing in the Eastern Conference, the New York Knicks appear to be a more cohesive team. With an offensive output per game of 112.0, they are 21st in the league. Although their field goal percentage of 45.0 (26th) could be improved, they excel at three-point shooting, hitting 37.7 (seventh). With the team shooting 74.6% (26th) from the free-throw line, there is cause for concern. Their impressive ability to grab rebounds—averaging 46.0 per game (fifth)—plays a vital part in their offensive strategy by giving them plenty of opportunities for second-chance points.

The Knicks play excellent defense, giving up just 108.7 points per game, which is the third-lowest in the NBA. They allow opponents to shoot 47.5% (19th) on field goals, which is a little worse than their defense. They need to do better in the perimeter defense, giving up 37.2% of three-pointers made (23rd). With opponents shooting 77.6% (12th) from the free throw line, the Knicks defend the position more successfully.

With 24.8 points and 5.5 assists per game, team captain Jalen Brunson is indispensable, and with 10.3 rebounds per game, Mitchell Robinson rules the boards. Robinson’s defensive prowess is further demonstrated by his leadership in blocks (1.3 BPG) and steals (1.5 SPG). The team’s effectiveness in choosing and making shots is highlighted by Jericho Sims’s 66.7% field goal shooting.

Best Bets Full-Game Side Bet Rating:

It’s safe to say that the Knicks will prevail in this game. They stand out due to their better defensive record, especially when it comes to points allowed per game (third). They have an advantage over the Raptors thanks to their rebounding prowess (they rank fifth in rebounds per game) and strong defense. New York is in a good position to manage the game’s pace and take advantage of scoring opportunities because of their ability to restrict opponents’ scoring and their effective three-point shooting (seventh). Anticipate the Knicks to defeat Toronto in a closely contested game by utilizing these advantages in addition to their home-court advantage at Madison Square Garden.

Forecast: 4-0 for the New York Knicks

Full-Game Total Pick Rating:

Taking into account both teams’ strong defensive records, the total is expected to be under 219.5 in this game. Toronto’s offense has shown inconsistent shooting efficiency, so the Knicks, who rank third in points allowed, should be able to stifle their opponents’ scoring. Furthermore, Toronto’s defense can match the Knicks’ scorers despite not being particularly good. A game where scoring may be scarce is suggested by New York’s strong defense as well as the Raptors’ difficulties from the three-point line (30th in 3PT%) and free-throw line (29th in FT%). Anticipate a defensive struggle in which both sides put their emphasis on stopping one another, resulting in a final score that is below the predetermined limit.

Forecast: LESS THAN 219.5

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