May 30, 2024

Pittsburgh — Due to the offense’s struggles, the Pittsburgh Steelers have received feedback from outside the organization that they would like to see changes made. Former players have now spoken out regarding the offensive coordinator of the team after a 30–6 loss to the Houston Texans.

The Steelers kept waiting for Matt Canada's offense to take off. It never did. And now he's gone –

Steeler Nation vented their frustrations on social media during the team’s collapse in Week 4, primarily directed at Matt Canada. Antonio Brown, a wide receiver, and former tight end Eric Ebron both agreed that the team is wasting young talent by continuing with their offensive coordinator.

With the circumstances in Canada, Antonio Brown has been in his element and keeps requesting his chance to face the offensive coordinator.

But he wasn’t by himself. Ryan Clark of ESPN refrained from venting until he appeared on Get Up, but once he was in the limelight, he didn’t hold back.

It really is a new low, according to Clark. “When a defense that has any pride, when a defense that believes in itself goes against a rookie, you go win.”

Then he focused on Tomlin’s unwillingness to stick by him and on Canada.

“Avoid banging your head against the wall of Matthew Canada. Return him to the location of your choice. Return him to Pitt. Indeed, Clark remarked, “I would even take him back at LSU.” “It is sickening what you saw yesterday from the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I expect wholesale changes.”

After the defeat, Tomlin did promise to make changes, but it’s unclear what those changes will entail. It is not anticipated that the team will be planning to switch coordinators.


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