June 14, 2024

Arkansas Football Roster Tracker for 2023: Who’s Staying, Who’s Going, Who’s on the Fence

 The 2022 regular season is complete, but things aren’t slowing down for Arkansas football as it awaits its postseason destination

In fact, it’s just the opposite. A four-day stretch of exit meetings begin Monday and a week later, the transfer portal opens up. Head coach Sam Pittman has already told reporters to get rested up Sunday because things are about to get crazy

“That’ll be a blow-up day, now,” Pittman said. “It’s going to be the transfer portal, who’s going to come back, you have seniors (making decisions)… There’s going to be a lot of action going on — and it’s not just here. It’s everywhere in the country.”

The Razorbacks just finished off a 6-6 regular season and will find out their bowl selection in about a week, but the team could look very different between now and when that game is played — much less next season.

In addition to the portal opening up Dec. 5, Arkansas has several players who could conceivably declare for the NFL Draft and choose to opt out of the bowl game. There are also

are also 11 scholarship players, and one notable walk-on, who must decide whether or not to return as super seniors in 2023. The early signing period is Dec. 21-23, so the Razorbacks must hang on to their recruiting class for a few more weeks before it becomes official.

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