May 28, 2024

Steelers’ Problem Might Be Mike Tomlin

NFL Rumors: Steelers' Mike Tomlin Not Believed to Be on Hot Seat Despite Struggles | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

Pittsburgh — It’s getting dangerous now for the Pittsburgh Steelers in preparation for their 2023 campaign. Following consecutive losses to opponents with a record of 2–10, Pittsburgh is currently slightly above.500 (7–6) and faces one of their most difficult road trips of the year.

How did that come about? The players and coaches would tell you that there was a lack of execution. However, the Steelers have started slowly and appear to have ignored their weaker opponents for the second straight week. And now, with a glimmer of hope remaining, they’re battling their way back into the postseason race.

Which brings up the question of whether or not Mike Tomlin has started to “lose his touch.” Everyone raves about his winning seasons streak, and if you ask those within the locker room, coaching staff and front office, there is no better coach than Coach T. But results speak the loudest, and Tomlin has failed to get the results the city of Pittsburgh has begged for.

Whether it’s loyalty to his coaching staff which has caused bigger issues within player development, or just lack of holding his team accountable, Tomlin has the Steelers’ season in jeopardy. And while execution is certainly a part of it, so is not having your group together enough to know if you’ll punt the ball or not on fourth down in the fourth quarter – resulting in a timeout being taken while you’re down three points.

Imagine having to use a timeout following a weather delay because your offense is unsure of what is happening or who needs to be in the huddle. or playing defense with 12 men on the field following a timeout.

On occasion, a team’s execution costs them. There were moments when that team was not ready to play.

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