May 29, 2024

In the face of reports of player unrest, Cameron Ciraldo defends the Bulldogs’ NRL strategy.

NRL 2023: Bulldogs coach Cameron Ciraldo defends training methods | The Australian

Canterbury coach Cameron Ciraldo is refusing to confirm media reports that one of his players has walked out on the NRL club after allegedly being punished for arriving late for training.

According to reports from The Daily Telegraph and The Sydney Morning Herald, the player was punished by allegedly being made to wrestle with up to twelve other players.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the player, who has not been identified, thought he was on time for training.

According to reports, he requested a leave of absence from the Bulldogs for personal reasons and has not shown up for practice.

The player hasn’t played for the team at the NRL level in a number of weeks, and the Rugby League Players’ Association is aware of the circumstances.

In an interview with the media on Wednesday morning, Ciraldo declined to comment on rumors that the player had quit the team.

“It’s a pretty sensitive issue, I won’t be commentating on that one,” he stated.

“A lot of people are working really hard here, and as the year goes on, the players improve with the training.

Ciraldo claimed he was unaware of any players who were unhappy with the increased training load he had instituted.

“We’ve got a leadership group that we meet with every week and you’d like to think if there was some unrest that those guys would have brought it up,” he stated.

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