May 29, 2024

Former Steelers Exec Blasts Mike Tomlin

Pittsburgh — Despite the embarrassing loss to the now three-win New England Patriots, head coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers remains confident in his team’s ability to

Tomlin responded, “Because this is what we do,” when asked what gives him hope that the Steelers will make a comeback. “This is who we are.”

Doug Whaley, the former director of football operations for the Steelers, wasn’t happy with Tomlin’s response and chastised him on WPXI Black and Gold Show for his team’s struggles this season, especially the last two losses to New England and lowly Arizona.

“He said this is what they do and this is what they’ve done is at home get beat by inferior teams,” said Whaley. “This is who we are,” he continued. Coach, tell me, who are you? By whom are you offending? On defense, who are you? I apologize, but you are anonymous. Defense, your team’s strength has been a liability in the past two games. I therefore feel compelled to ask him a follow-up question after he makes those remarks. Please elaborate, as I’m not sure. The most important query is, “Does anyone in that locker room know who they are? The fans don’t know.”

Tomlin is receiving a lot of criticism as his team drops to 7-6 after a 6-3 start, just 12 hours after the Steelers’ second straight loss to a team projected to pick among the top three in the 2024 NFL Draft.

For 17 unquestionably successful years that produced two AFC Championships and a Super Bowl title, Tomlin has garnered a great deal of goodwill in Steel City. However, as the Steelers have spent the last three seasons hovering around.500 and in neutral, fans’ patience is wearing thin.



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