May 22, 2024

It’s possible that Kevin Garnett is right about Draymond Green and the dynamic between the Warriors.

Warriors are afraid to 'be real' on Draymond Green amid ugly antics, claims  Kevin Garnett

It’s possible that the Golden State Warriors are witnessing the end of their illustrious history with each dubious move Draymond Green makes on the court. Not only is Green the team’s leader and soul, but he also serves as the Dubs’ defensive and playmaking pivot. The Warriors are now in a difficult situation going forward in the stacked Western Conference because of his indefinite suspension following his wild swing towards Jusuf Nurkic.

However, some commentators think that Green’s antics may have gotten this far because of the Warriors organization. In particular, Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett believes that the Dubs management is scared to actually sit down with Green and talk to him about controlling his emotions.

In the most recent episode of SHOWTIME Basketball’s Ticket and The Truth podcast, Garnett stated, “I really think the organization is afraid to go talk to him and be real.” “But, buddy, if one of us doesn’t speak up, then nobody in a billion-dollar company is being a fool.” This man terrifies them. Alternatively, it’s a respect for their preferences

The feelings that Draymond Green has are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, his willingness to show his emotions has contributed to the Warriors’ four championships since 2015; the Dubs thrive on his perseverance when facing hardships. Any team hoping for a championship almost has to have someone like Green to go to war with, so to speak.

So, it could make sense that the Warriors haven’t specifically discussed with Green how to control his emotions. In the end, the Dubs have benefited more from letting Green be himself than from not doing so. However, given how quickly and severely Green and the Warriors are suffering right now, it may be time for them to take Kevin Garnett’s advice and be willing to cool the fiery forward down.

The Warriors need to resolve this Draymond Green issue as soon as possible because they are falling behind in the Western Conference rankings.


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